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200 Fair Isle Designs


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A comprehensive guide to 200 beautiful Fair Isle designs. Learn to read colour charts and rapidly gain the confidence to use these stunning designs to create your own stylish projects and garments.

A unique "selector" at the beginning of the book makes it easy to choose a design you like. Organised by row and stitch count, each of the patterns is accompanied by an easy-to-follow chart indicating both the pattern stitches and the colours used, and each sample is shown charted in an alternative colourway. A "mix and match" feature lets you combine patterns with ease. Includes guidance on yarn choices and special techniques unique to Fair Isle knitting.


Industry Reviews

Fair Isle is one of those wonders in life where the finished result looks more complicated than the process that created it actually is. Although Fair Isle patterns can contain a multitude of colours, there's never usually more than two in any one row. This comprehensive guide walks you through the stages of knitting Fair Isle patterns and offers ideas for creating bespoke designs. The book is clearly laid out, providing a comprehensive reference guide, and it's attractive to leaf through when looking for inspiration. It has a skills section that demystifies techniques, and chapters on colour theory and design principles to help you choose the most appealing colour and pattern combinations. The directory of 200 designs shows each pattern with a photograph and both colour and black and white charts. The pattern repeat tells you the number of rows and stitches, making it easier for you to plan designs. Combined with the 'mix and match' panels, creating your own Fair Isle combinations is made easy.-Simply Knitting When I think of knitting Fair Isle, I tend to think of sweaters and get overwhelmed. This book has freed my mind from that thinking. It delivers Fair Isle in such digestible bites that I want to try to knit something of my own design. It is mostly a very well-thought-out motif dictionary - with large knitted swatches, charts showing a motif singly and repeated, and a chart showing an alternate colorway. The information at the front of the book is invaluable. Given in small chunks, there are the basics - from choosing yarn, to stranded knitting, to cutting steeks. And suggestions for the most advanced Fair Isle thinking - choosing a project, choosing coloways and designing your own project. Explanations are given clearly and succinctly.

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