drawn-to-thread Hand-dyed Millpost Merino
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drawn-to-thread Hand-dyed Millpost Merino

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Sonja's hand-dyed merino for spinning and felting.  

Millpost Merino fibre comes from the wool grown by a flock of Saxon Poll Merino sheep. The family has grazed sheep at Millpost, on the NSW Southern Tablelands, since 1922.

David and Judith were early adopters of Permaculture principles and methods. When they first moved to Millpost, it was like most sheep farms in Australia, cleared and windswept. The landscape is now dominated by trees planted over the past few decades: 15 kilometres of windbreaks and woodlots that join remnant native vegetation to form wildlife corridors, while sheltering stock, wildlife and pasture from the desiccating summer winds and the winter gales straight off the Snowy Mountains. The trees also provide firewood for our hearth, timber for building, and fodder for the sheep during the extremes of our seasons.

I am busy developing colour ways..... 

Please contact Sonja and she will let you know what is currently available.