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Erika Knight Studio Linen - Sport / 5 ply - Recycled, Sustainable


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Linen is an ancient, sustainable natural fibre spun from the flax plant. Flax itself if naturally resistant to pests and therefore practically no pesticides nor herbicides are necessary to grow these eco-friendly stem fibre plants. Flax plants produce large amounts of useable fibre per acre and do not require irrigation.

To create Studio Linen, industrial waste linen fibres are selected, undone and re-spun with 15% premium natural linen fibres to create a beautiful and unique recycled yarn. With a dry hand feel, cool drape and subtle sheen, a yarn that just gets better with wear and age. An ancient fibre recycled for a modern maker.

5 ply blend of premium and recycled linen

50 grams  /  120 metres

3.5 - 4.00 mm Needle  /  hook

Care - Gentle machine wash


401 - Bone
408 - Kanoko
412 - Circus
413 - Shrub
415 - Mood
417 - Flinty Black & White
409 - Pyjama