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PLY’s mission as a primary source for spinning knowledge, technique, and opinion is to do the following:

  • Support, reflect, and respond to the worldwide handspinning community
  • Provide in-depth material for intermediate to advanced spinners
  • Inspire new spinners
  • Celebrate the diversity of spinning and handspinners
  • Project and reflect an anti-racist value system and one that also supports LBQTIA
  • Give a voice to spinners everywhere
  • Record the rich history, report on the vibrant present, and inspire the hopeful future of spinning by creating a themed, archive-worthy document of the spinning community’s aspirations, activities, and achievements
  • Support indie businesses and craftspeople via affordable advertising, fair compensation, and return of intellectual property

Winter 2020: The Warmth Issue

  • What is the warmest yarn a spinner can spin?
  • Ever wondered how to spin a warm worsted yarn?
  • What’s the warmest fiber, the warmest prep, the warmest draft?

This issue is full of everything: it’s got smart, informative articles that run the gamut from dyeing (with Sasha Duerr) to how to spin the warmest worsted yarn possible, from what the warmest sheep breeds are to how to spin a very fine woolen yarn. It’s got colorwork convertible mittens as well as a brioche hat from Nell Ziroli, and Maggie Casey and Judy Steinkoenig team up to make the warmest yarn and the warmest woven scarf. Judith MacKenzie writes “Notes from a cold country,” 6 of our favorite spinners tell you about the warmest yarn they can make, and we take socks that were once warm and make them warm again. You’ll read about things that warm a heart and community, such as fibersheds, community art, and Shetland’s traditional pile blankets, and a piece about one of the warmest women in the community. Of course, there’s more, too! It’s time to get toasty, ya’ll!