Schacht School Loom

Schacht School Loom

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I love this little loom! I use this loom myself and have chosen to use it in my weaving workshops.  

Frame loom with built in stand for upright use or fold stand away if required.


2 x Pick-up sticks
1 x Plastic weaving needle, 15cm (6")
1 x Warping and weaving instructions

Durable plastic teeth make warping easy. (6 or 12 ends per inch - 24 or 48 ends over 10cm)

38cm (15") weaving width

53cm (21") warp length

Made from silky smooth hard maple timber

Made in USA

Width, 38cm (15")

Height, 65cm (25.5")

Depth with stand, up to 48cm (19")

Depth when folded, 6cm (2.25")