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Basic Beanie Pattern by Lisa Grey (NNK Yarns)

Our favourite quick & easy beanie. 

Basic Beanie Pattern by Lisa Grey (NNK Yarns)


Chunky Yarn

8.00 mm circular needles (30-40 cm length or a long cable for magic loop) or double pointed needles (dpn)

One stitch marker

Pom Pom

Darning needle to weave in ends and attach pom pom


Using 8.00 mm need – circular or double pointed cast on 48 stitches and join in the round, taking care not to twist the stitches.  Place marker to note the start of the round.


Rows 1-8 K1, P1 around for the brim.


Knit for 26 rows – or until desired length

If you like extra slouch in your beanie you can add another 4 rows


R1 (k2tog, k1)  across the row 

R2  k2tog across the row

R3 k2tog across the row

Cut yarn leaving a 30 cm tail. Using a darning needle, weave the tail through the remaining stitches.  Pull yarn tight to close the top of the hat.  Weave in ends and you're done!

Note, if using a short circular needle you may need to change to double pointed needles during the decrease rows.