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Resource Centre

This is the place to get many of your crochet & knitting questions answered. We will also include our favourite patterns, colour combinations and general advice. Please feel free to email us (or use our contact form) to let us know any information that you think would be valuable to include. We would love to know your go-to patterns or any tricks / cheats / shortcuts that you have picked up along the way!


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US vs UK Crochet Terms

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Some of our favourite patterns & pattern designers

Sarah Maker - 25 Free & Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Easy Crochet's Free Crochet Patterns Archive - 1000's of free crochet patterns for all levels. This is an amazing resource.

Corner to Corner (C2C) Blanket Patterns
One of the most popular crochet pieces in the shop, is our corner to corner crochet blanket using Patons Sierra varigated yarn. Here are a few of our favourite patterns for a C2C crochet blanket.

Bella Coco Crochet - Crochet Corner to Corner Blanket (sample in shop). Sarah-Jayne Fragola is a prolific crochet designer and crochet stitch teacher. Her videos are very informative and easy to follow.

Maria's Blue Crayon - Crochet Corner to Corner Blanket. Another great pattern for those admiring the blanket in store.

Crochet Granny Squares 
Crochet granny squares have come a long way from, well your grandmother's crochet granny squares. These little yarn beauties can be simple and classic or intricate and avant-garde. If you are just starting out as a crocheter, granny squares are a great first step.

Shelley Husband Crochet (Spin Cushions) is our favourite for granny squares. She has loads of patterns to choose from. We carry a few of her books as well. Great videos too!

How to Crochet a Magic Circle
We recommend HopefulHoney's YouTube video. She has created a very simple tutorial that is easy to follow.