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Book - Knitted Animal Friends


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A collection of unique knitted animal toys, along with their beautifully-crafted clothing and accessories, all made with the highest quality yarn and a delightful attention to detail.

Learn to make an adorable collection of knitted animal toys with these new patterns by the author of My Knitted Doll, Louise Crowther. Louise, brings her unique style of coordinated knitwear with cute colourwork details to this new collection of toy animal knitting patterns.

There are a total of 13 knitted animals – each with their own unique personality and style. The animals all have the same basic body, with a few colour variations and tail additions, so the clothes can be mixed and matched between them to create endless outfit possibilities.

Choose your favourite animals and outfits and have fun making the perfect gift for friends and family.

Book Features:

  • A collection of knitted toy animals and their clothing and accessories of the highest quality.
  • Louise's designs feature beautiful colourwork techniques such as intarsia and fair isle which sets these projects apart from the other knitted animal books.
  • A follow up to best-selling title My Knitted Doll.

About the Author

Louise Crowther is a talented knitting pattern designer with an eye for sartorial style. She sells her knitting patterns for dolls and toys to a growing audience who love her distinctive design style under the brand name Boo-Biloo.
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