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Tunisian Crochet the Japanese Way


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Tunisian crochet is the knitwork style that combines the cast-on method of knitting with the hook method of crochet, resulting in fabrics that look woven as well as knitted. Tunisian Crochet - The Japanese Way gives knitting and crochet enthusiasts a chance to create beautiful patterns and textures using the clear chart-and-symbol method of visual notation pioneered in Japan and now popular worldwide.

Step-by-step illustrations for 13 classic stitches are provided, along with the 20 stylish projects:

  • Wave Stitch - Used to create an intricate multi-coloured shrug
  • Seed Stitch - Perfect fun bags of all sizes, from a fabulous drawstring bucket bag (with a scallop stitch) to a beautifully patterned pencil case
  • Cube Stitch - You will enjoy using this to make a colourful vest and splashy tippet
  • Domino Stitch - A versatile stitch that can be used to create an elegant beret
  • And many more!

Each project comes with complete instructions and schematics. A dedicated section at the end shows you in detail how to execute each stitch, providing visual references to help you perfect your skills.