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Social KAL - West Knits 2023 MKAL

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As explained by Stephen West:
"Welcome to the 14th Westknits Mystery Shawl Knit Along (MKAL)! We are going to have so much fun knitting an out of this world shawl design. This year’s shawl will be a geometric explosion of color using a gradient of four colors. Join me as I guide you through the mesmerizing stitches of this year’s mystery shawl with video tutorials throughout October. Get ready to blast off as we cast on Thursday, October 5!"

Our community of knitters embrace Westknit's annual MKAL with much exuberance!  It's always an exciting time of the year as yarns selections are made, "I wonder what it will be" discussions are had and then each part is unveiled.

We welcome all knitters to share in this great KAL experience during our Social gatherings on our decks : 9-11am Thurs and Fri; and 1-3pm Sundays.  All are welcome!

To help you prepare and give you a little inspiration we have put together a few colour combos that will look fantastic!

NNK Yarns

Links to: Merino/Cashmere/Silk (MCS); Merino/Yak/Silk (MYS); Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (MCN)

Blue Green Gradient for Westknits MKAL 2023

Blue Moon MCS; Opalescent MCS; Sedum Major MCS; Confetti MCN

Blue Neutral Gradient for Westknits 2023 MKAL

Inside Out MCS; Blue Jeans MCS; Winter Beach MCS; Driftwood MCS

Pinks Purple Gradient Westknits 2023 MKAL 

Timeless MCS; Currant MCS; Merlot MCS; Eggplant MYS

Gold Pink Gradient Westknits 2023 MKAL

Dirty Mustard MYS; Aztec Gold MCN; Blithe MCN; Clear as Mud MCS

Black Gold Gradient Westknits 2023 MKAL

Raven MYS; Dirty Mustard MYS; Clear as Mud MCS; Shell MCS

Pink Gradient Westknits MKAL 2023

Barbie Pink MYS; Pinkilicious MCS; Pink Princess MCN; Timeless MCS

Purple Neutral Gradient Westknits 2023 MKAL

Currant MYS; Oil Slick MYS; Marsupial MCS; Shell MCS

Black Gold MCS; Cats Eye MSC; Marsh MCS; Shell MCS